Define Your Outdoor Space

Crafted for You

Yard Modern was born in Montclair in the early months of the COVID pandemic. More time at home meant I soon transformed my backyard into an oasis with tools, cedar wood and a vision.

Now we're helping define your space with smartly crafted pergolas, fences, and outdoor wood accents for your family and your life.

David Gerlach

Founder, Yard Modern

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What We Design & Build

Outdoor Accents

Horizontal Fences


Patio Steps

Bin Storage & Sheds

Wood Pergolas

Make a statement

Cedar or douglas fir paired with black steel brackets

Keep it shady and private

Fabric panels add texture and

shade from the sun

Covered Metal Pergolas

Ready to Go

Easy to install right on your patio

Rain or Shine

Roof louvers open and close

Privacy Fence

Always Horizontal

Smart, fresh and clean


Let in the light and the breeze

What You Need

Outline your yard or just a slice of privacy

How We Work Together

Come with your ideas and we'll look at the space to define the project. We'll help make color, wood and stain selections.

Next, we handle design, ordering and delivery of all materials.

Finally, it's time to build. Soon your yard will take on a whole new feel.

Let's Build Something

montclair, nj

New Jersey Contractors Lic # 13VH12811100

photo credits: Marissa Daeger, Adrien Olichon, Jon Tyson on Unsplash